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Exam Delivery that's cool under fire
Crucible manages all aspects of OSCE exam delivery in a single integrated system.

What is Crucible?

If you are a credentialing organization that requires performance assessments then you are in the "trial by fire" business. If you are going to be doing a lot of trials by fire then you need systems that can handle the heat, ones that are reliable, scientifically accurate, and that you can use over and over again.

Crucible manages all aspects of performance examination (OSCE, Clinical Skills, Observational, Oral) delivery in a single integrated system. The first and most obvious thing it does is replace paper-based exam marking with wireless devices, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Planners use Crucible to schedule exam times and coordinate examiner availability. Exam administrators use it to dispatch candidates and exam resources. Chief examiners use Crucible to calibrate examiner grading so that performance exams are more fair and consistent. Crucible opens up new ways to analyze the performance of your exams and examiners so that you can improve your processes for greater accuracy, efficiency and risk reduction.

Mobile Devices for Smart Marking

Paper-based exam marking is clutter and error-prone. Using electronic forms on mobile devices allow us to use "visual ergonomics" to make the process less fatiguing for the examiner. Visual elements reinforce session status and make mistakes easier to spot before they are submitted.

Improved Marking Accuracy

Calibrate examiner responses using tools to align and cross-check your examiners' grading styles.

Reduced Administration Costs

Reduce costs and overhead by bringing exam scheduling, dispatching and delivery workflows together within a single integrated system. Replace paper-clogged systems and disconnected processes.

Real-Time Grading

Real-time everything! Have the information at your fingertips to adjust an exam on the fly, check-in on pass/fail rates,validate errors, even track examiner performance and correlate marking trends throughout the day.

Repeatability and Precision

Standardization and repeatability are the keys to fairness in testing. Create an "assessment blueprint" to mitigate legal risks involved in credentialing and to jumpstart the setup of future testing events on the same material.

Freedom From Syncing

No more waiting to scan exam forms or tabulate results. Exam markings and all of the exam overhead data are captured as they are created.

Insights to Improve Performance

Flexible reporting let's you customize your data views to streamline administration and improve your pre & post-exam analysis. Use your captured exam results and candidate and examiner trend data to fine-tune all aspects of your exam delivery performance.

Life is good without clutter!

Kick the paper habit to enjoy smoother running exam days and efficient exam production.

Is Paper Bogging You Down?

Does this situation sound familiar? You have 40 candidates taking a OSCE examination which has 16 stations. If each station requires an examiner using a separate grading form per candidate, you have generated 640 pieces of paper! All of that paper has to be tracked, kept secure, scanned and tabulated before you can process the results.

Paper Problems Include:

  • Paper and pencils! Nobody likes filling in all those bubbles.
  • Manual data entry. It is fatiguing for examiners.
  • Paper is error prone...
    • Examiner fatigue can lead to errors.
    • Transposition of lines when filling form can cause massive errors.
    • Scanning misreads and misfeeds can occur.
  • Paper forms must be collected and kept safe until scanned and recorded.
  • Paper wastes time...
    • Results not available until sheets are scanned and tabulated.
    • No opportunity for real-time intervention/removal of high-risk candidates
    • No real-time opportunity for identifying examiner bias. Using paper, examiner bias (positive or negative) can only be discovered after all results are tabulated and analyzed.
  • Paper is a pain...
    • Notes and commentary from examiners (if allowed) must be manually transcribed.
    • Filling in bubbles is tedious compared to checking boxes on a screen.
    • OCR form design is optimized for the machines that scan, not for the humans who fill them out.

How Crucible Makes It Better:

Crucible replaces paper-based exam delivery by putting mobile devices in the hands of your examiners, proctors and exam administrators.

No More Collating, Scanning or Syncing

The Crucible system uses cloud technology to accelerate your exam process. Instead of waiting on error-checking, scanning and syncing to get your results, all exam information is updated in real-time as individual grades are entered. This makes it possible to do things that were either too cumbersome or just impossible with paper-based grading:

    Candidate Intervention

    High-risk candidates (candidates that have failed too many sections) can be removed from the process before the exam is complete. Depending on the type of exam this can lower legal risks and save on resources.

    Examiner Calibration

    Do all of your examiners grade the same way? With Crucible it is far easier to compare and adjust examiner responses to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and consistency in grading.

    Identify anomalies

    Sometimes things go wrong at a workstation or operatory. Examiners identifying problems can report them to central dispatching at the touch of a button.

    Speed up the flow

    Since the dispatching process is part of the same cloud server that manages exam-marking, the dispatcher can know immediately when exam resources are released or when an operatory has to be reset. This saves time and legwork to make your exam day run smoother.

Transitioning Is Easy

Our expert conversion team will ease you through the transition. We'll help you capture your exam flow and set up the Crucible system so your exam production process is integrated with electronic exam marking. We'll show you how to enter examiners and administrators into the system, get you started configuring exam marking screens to streamline the examiner workflow and show you how to setup views to access real-time pass/fail information. We can even connect to your candidate tracking & authorization system.

Deployment Options

Crucible is designed to deploy in a variety of server and device configurations to suit your preferences and the needs of your organization.

Device Options

Self-Provisioned Devices

For those who prefer to manage their own equipment, Crucible's cloud server architecture allows you to choose the device that works best for your examiners. You can choose Android devices, iPads, or even browser-enabled Kindles - Crucible will work with them all to empower the exam marking process.

Exam-In-A-Box: Turn-Key Exam Day Deployment

Alternatively we can handle the provisioning and configuration of the mobile devices and server hardware you use to interact with Crucible. This takes pressure off of your provisioning and IT staff so you can stay focused on your core business. We setup the devices and deliver them to you in a custom Crucible carrying case - every mobile device inside charged, configured and ready for use by your examiners.

Server Options

Internet Delivery

Crucible's cloud-based technology offers maximum deployment flexibility when delivered over secure Internet connection. This allows for multi-location deployments and remote monitoring of exam progress.

Private Server

For those who prefer to restrict access to a campus or even a single classroom, Crucible can be deployed in a private secure server configuration. If you're uncertain which server option makes the most sense for your organization, give us a call at (678) 392 - 3321 and we'll answer any questions you may have.

Solution Specialists

No matter which device or server options you choose, BrightLink’s Crucible Solution Specialists are on-hand to work closely with your examination team. We work with you to configure and deploy the specific exams you require. Crucible centrally captures all the examination rules, logistics, resource assignments, and business logic in your performance exam process.

Take control of all the unwieldy aspects of exam delivery and empower your examiners and exam staff alike to improve performance, accuracy and productivity with Crucible.